Yoga teachers at Yoga Works in New York City are seeking to join together with the Machinists Union. The IAM recently filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to hold union representation elections. YogaWorks, Inc. is one of the largest providers of high-quality yoga instruction in the U.S.

Teachers are organizing around making yoga instruction a sustainable profession, with industry standards that provide for an ethical practice that also balances the needs of profit with the core tenets of Yoga. Traditionally, the Yoga/Fitness industry was dominated by small “mom and pop” studios. Over the last decade, larger companies, with the backing of venture capitalist funds, have been buying up the smaller studios and consolidating their market share.

“Who better than us in the labor movement to help these workers in their struggle for fairness,” said Eastern Territory General Vice President Jimmy Conigliaro, Sr. “All workers deserve good benefits, fair wages, and an expectation of job security. Workers are being left behind by corporations in multibillion-dollar industries. The IAM can help these instructors level the playing field by advocating for benefits and fairness in the workplace.”

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